Barefoot towards success

The sport horses from Damarishof are widely known for one thing: they live normal horses' lives.

Without shoes into top-level dressage

When For President appears at a tournament, judges and audience often take a second look. At his hooves, to be precise, because he is barefoot just like all his stable mates. This is extremely unusual for dressage horses at the higher levels. But For President doesn't know anything different. "Inside the hooves there are many meridians. When these are disturbed by nails, this cannot be undone," explains his breeder and owner, Eva Buchar. This is why all sport horses at Damarishof, including Baroness B, Floretto, Afrodite B and Dark Dionysos, remain free from horseshoes.

Life in the herd with lots of light, air and movement

But this is not the only unusual fact about the Damarishof horses: the precious top athletes are kept in the same uncomplicated manner as all the other horses at Damarishof. They live true horses' lives and run around in the meadows with their stablemates in all kinds of weather – without gaiters, by the way. Most of them even live in an open stable. The Damarishof motto "Light, Air and Movement" fully applies to the sport horses as well. "We want to achieve the best possible tournament success while prioritising the horse's needs," says Eva Buchar, describing her philosophy. And this has long become reality: For President has performed at Grand Prix level since 2017. Barehoof of course!


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News and Results

10.-11.10.2020 Šamorin

5 Siege und 2 WM-Qualifikationen / 5 wins and 2 qualifiers for the World Championships

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